What people come here looking for…

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Bit of a filler post, but here are the things that are likely to land this website on the first page of a Google search.

The first numerical column is the number of times the site has appeared in a Google search for the term, the second numerical column the average placing of the page in the search (both are for the last month).

Unfortunately only the top 4 search terms (update: by which I mean the four at the bottom of this table) generate more than 10 click throughs. I don’t know what a “cartesian tyranny” is, but plainly I have also come close to cornering the market in that term also.

The Gwyneth Paltrow thing is a bit of a result, though seems to be very few people searching for her or clicking on her name. Come on Gwyn, give me some Google love…

why do people hate apple 110 10
dismal education 12 10
firefox version 7 70 10
best book for linux 16 10
jobs for computer science graduates 50 9.9
differences between udp and tcp 12 9.8
lyx android 35 9.7
compshop 700 9.6
ubuntu get rid of unity 50 9.0
worst degrees 50 8.7
grasp software 110 8.6
cartesian division 30 8.4
groovy tokenize 70 8.4
google voice ireland 30 8.4
most expensive computer ever 30 7.9
how to get rid of unity 30 7.9
whats that coming over the hill 200 7.6
get rid of unity 60 7.6
ubuntu wireless bridge 22 7.5
get rid of unity 11.10 22 7.5
cartesian product latex 70 7.3
what’s that coming over the hill 200 7.2
what that coming over the hill 35 7.1
ubuntu 11.10 afp 12 7.1
latex cartesian product 70 6.7
computer science employment rate 16 6.5
how to become a hacker eric raymond 60 6.2
the fear index wiki 16 6.1
syntactical sugar 22 5.7
gwyneth paltrow 35 5.7
the dismal education 170 5.7
eric raymond how to become a hacker 50 5.6
hits the nail on the head 50 5.1
openjvm 90 4.9
cartesian tyranny 50 1.6
ubuntu 11.10 get rid of unity 90 1.6
how to get rid of unity in ubuntu 11.10 22 1.2
ultimate l 60 1.1
get rid of unity ubuntu 11.10 12 1.0

Does Google cap query returns?

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When I look at Google “webmaster” returns for this site I note that for more or less every weekday for the last fortnight it reports my site was returned as an answer to a search query exactly 1300 times, the week before that it was 1000 and the week before that 900.

So, am I to assume that Google caps the number of times that a site can appear in a search query?

I suppose I can see some justification for that as a way of stopping people spamming the index – but it also seems quite a crude tool. What if, for instance, some issue I write about a lot (Linux paging?) becomes a hot property and I have already used up my 1300 quota?