Further thoughts on “Natty Narwhal”

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There are six computers in the house running Ubuntu (two are laptops) so there still a few more upgrades to go, but the process is underway (caching makes subsequent upgrades much faster).

The good news is that the upgrade to one machine – usually run as a headless email/web/squid server fixed a few configuration problems there, so not everything is bad.

The most annoying things remain (in no particular order) with Unity:

1. Lost the applets from the desktop. Knowing the temperature outside was occasionally useful and knowing the CPU temperature could sometimes be a pointer to a runaway process on the box.

2. Not being able to switch desktops with a single mouse click.

3. Not being able to see what applications I am running.

4. Not being to switch applications  with a single mouse click.

Maybe all these are fixable?


Ubuntu 11.04: first impressions

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
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Sad to say these are that I don’t care for it very much.

The “Unity” interface is just ugly and it reminds me of the way Microsoft shifted their Office menus so that, three years on from first using it I still don’t know where familiar and useful things are.

Why does it have Ubuntu One and Ubuntu Software Centre icons in pride of place? I have never made much use of either and frankly it smacks of somebody forcing their wares on me – the sort of thing that is likely to go down like a cup of cold sick in the Linux community.

Maybe there are lots of other good things here, but I cannot find them thanks to Unity. I cannot even find my bookmarks in Firefox the way that has been messed with.

So, not good so far.