Groovydoc issue

LED elevator floor indicator
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I have been working on a coding exercise using the Groovy programming language and struggled for a bit with an issue with Groovydoc, the documentation protocol the language uses (which is meant to be very similar to Javadoc).

Groovydoc documentation is very thin on the ground and it seems to me that the tool is not exactly complete either, so actually working out why things are failing can be a bit of trial and error.

Anyway, I had my code all in the package “elevators” but when I ran this:

groovydoc -d groovydoc -private *.groovy

Inside the source directory it produced garbage files (did not recognise the packages properly, trying to put everything in the DefaultPackage but also generating broken files for elevators package also).

Going one directory level higher and trying this:

groovydoc -d groovydoc -private -sourcepath . elevators

Produced the same result. But this (two directory levels out) seems to work:

groovydoc -d src/groovydoc -private -sourcepath src elevators