Thanks to @PootBlog but I still don’t get it

Magnets have many uses in toys. M-tic uses mag...
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I have been on holiday with the family in a not exactly sunny, but still perfectly pleasant Bilbao, and so have not replied to this as soon as I probably should have.

But thanks to Damian Counsell (@PootBlog) who responded to my annoying twittering by explaining one of the magnetism issues I had:!/PootBlog/status/127842530271313920!/PootBlog/status/127842800975880192

I have to say, though, I am less than convinced. Say I create a new permanent magnet. How do other magnets know about it? In other words how does this “field” propagate? As it carries information it must surely propagate at the speed of light – but how? Is it a property of space-time itself?


A second thing I don’t understand about magnetism

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Magnets attract (or repel) one another. But how?

How does the electromagnetic force get turned into kinetic energy? Do all the electrons inside a magnet ‘rush’ to one end of the magnet – if so why don’t we see an imbalance of charge (or maybe we do – after all magnets can be used to generate current).

Fear these questions may lead some of you to doubt I have any sort of physics qualification at all – but I do not recall being taught any of this, at ‘O’ level, ‘A’ level or as an undergraduate.