New lackeyml DTD

I cannot imagine that this matters to anyone other than me right now, but for the record (this is taken from a hacked up version of Valgrind‘s Lackey tool):

        VG_(printf)("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!DOCTYPE lackeyml [\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ELEMENT lackeyml (application?, (thread)*)>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST lackeyml version CDATA #FIXED \"0.2\">\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST lackeyml xmlns CDATA #FIXED");
        VG_(printf)(" \"\">\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ELEMENT application EMPTY>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST application command CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ELEMENT thread (instruction|store|load|modify)* >\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST thread tid CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ELEMENT instruction EMPTY>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST instruction address CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST instruction size CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ELEMENT modify EMPTY>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST modify address CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST modify size CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ELEMENT store EMPTY>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST store address CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST store size CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ELEMENT load EMPTY>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST load address CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)("<!ATTLIST load size CDATA #REQUIRED>\n");
        VG_(printf)(" xmlns=\"\">\n");

Update: As originally published this code had an error in the name of the attribute for thread – I have fixed that now.