First bit of assembler

Z80 architecture
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According to my diary for 22 March 1981 – this is the first piece of working assembler (actually it was Z80 machine code as there was no assembler program) I wrote:

LD IX(400Ch)
LD HL, 402Bh
LD B, 0Ah
LD (IX + 0), A

I think it became part of a bigger “Hexmon” program to display chunks of internal memory on screen.

Breadboard 81

Benkid77 ZX80 Factorial
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Not everything about computing is on the internet.

Sometime around this point thirty years ago my brother and I went to a computer exhibition in London – “Breadboard 81”

There are a couple of references to it findable through Google. But not much.

It was a fantastic experience – but perhaps also the end of an era: the computer that feature most of all was the “UK 101” – a kit based effort with a real keyboard (unlike the ZX80 Conor and I were using).

It is impossible to describe the thrill one could get from being able to see, use and program (in either BASIC or assembler/machine code) any of these devices: everyone was a pioneer and everyone was equal. (Though this book this book captures the feel of the era that was dying even as it peaked.)

Perhaps there are others who will read this who were also there and who can share their memories of this moment… reminding me of where it even was would be a start? Olympia?