Switching to Opera

When I first started using it, Google’s Chrome browser seemed like a huge leap forward: a thread for each open tab, what’s not to like about that?

Latterly, though it has felt more and more like a drag: run it for any length of time and your computer will thrash or even freeze as it is such a poor manager of resources and/or a major leaker of memory.

The answer, so I have read, is to use Opera – so that is what I am doing. Will report on progress in a few weeks.


One response to “Switching to Opera”

  1. Alex Westlake Avatar
    Alex Westlake

    Opera is basically a Chrome clone now – see the link below, although I find the advantage some clones have over Chrome itself is that Google’s update program isn’t bundled with them. Google update running in the background can take up a lot of CPU power.

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