Computer programming centre-right lovers of Swedish meatballs

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According to YouGov (the UK’s largest polling company) that is what typical lovers of Linux are – though it’s based on just 272 individual profiles (out of 200,000 or so members of YouGov’s panel). Oh, and they are blokes. More at

(YouGov made at least some of their profiling data available online this morning and it has kept British internet users amused all day.)

Windows lovers are, apparently, somewhat more numerous – there are 744 of them – but also typically younger, less well off and even more right wing. And are also men. Apple pie is their favourite dish and perhaps unsurprisingly they are not as keen on programming. Yes, it’s true: Windows lovers are lusers through and through. See

Admirers of the Microsoft brand, though, tend to be older (still male) and rather more centrist – and numerous. Perhaps this is the Bill Gates effect? People admire his creation in the abstract but there is little concrete love. See

But what of your favourite hipster computer brand – Apple? Turns out they are centrist, female and middle class and like grilled halloumi cheese. It’s harder to make a direct comparison though as (surprise, surprise) Apple users don’t seem to identify their operating system. See

There is lots more to look at – for instance Android users are seemingly very left wing while computer scientists are middle aged men who eat a lot of chicken.


3 responses to “Computer programming centre-right lovers of Swedish meatballs”

  1. Characterizing Linux users as lovers of Swedish meatballs is rather uninformative, since every intelligent species develops (and presumably enjoys) them. [Source:

    What I find deeply suspicious is the characterization of Linux users as cat lovers. People are drawn to Linux by its intelligent design and reliability. That suggests a dog lover to me. Windows afficianados (as opposed to those simply stuck with it) may well be cat lovers, since both Windows installations and cats tend to do what they feel like doing, commands be damned.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever had them!

      1. Perhaps they are known by a different name (presumably one with more letters) in the UK?

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