My start up idea

I was travelling on a train today when someone sat opposite me wearing a tee-shirt that purported to show the cover of a 1950s motoring magazine and for some reason – perhaps the typeface used – I immediately thought of the much loved “Practical Computing” magazine.

I then entertained the fantasy that – with programming about to roar back into the English school curriculum – this was the moment to think about once again launching a magazine aimed at those with a mathematical/scientific interest in computing – people who thought programming could be fun and who wanted to know how to model four dimensions in three-dimensional space and so on.

Just an idea.

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3 thoughts on “My start up idea

  1. Since you can safely assume that the target audience is, by and large, connected, you could release it as an e-zine and save printing and (for the most part) distribution costs.

      1. You can find a lot of it via a search engine, but not everyone has a web site or blog on which to post their code hacks. A fair number of my questions are answered on StackExchange, but that’s not necessarily a suitable source for beginners (or the faint of heart). An e-zine would provide not only a single source for the reader but, perhaps more importantly, editorial control.

        That’s not to say it would pay the bills with probability 1.0. I just wouldn’t rule it out a priori.

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