Raspberry Pi ideas wanted

R, G, and B LEDs [7].
R, G, and B LEDs [7]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Every week I teach a group of 9- and 10-year-olds some core programming skills using Scratch.

The children seem to love it and I certainly enjoy it – it’s good fun to see them tackle the problems and find solutions: it really reminds me of the reasons, ongoing C++ debugging slog not withstanding, that I enjoy programming as a pastime.

The school I work with have got some Raspberry Pis and I am wondering about ideas to show off how these can be used. I know there is a version of Scratch that allows access to the GPIO so that would be a good place to start.

What makes a good project? Is a calculator – with the results displayed on LEDs a viable idea – or is there something else people recommend? I think it would probably be best if this was a project two or three children could work on together – as I am not sure that all the other things needed to give each child a working Raspberry Pi – like screens and power supplies – are likely to be available in sufficient numbers.

Any ideas please add to the comments, thanks

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  1. How about a simple game? Like a Jeopardy style button-off? Have the Raspberry Pi countdown a timer (perhaps using LEDs?) and then program the Raspberry Pi to determine which person presses their button first! It’s fun and it scales up – you can do pairs of buttons, triples…as many as there are GPIO pins 🙂

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