Things learned this week: 7 February 2014

1. BT Business Broadband is rubbish but you can fix your download problem

For a long time I have wanted to download, for testing, OSX Mavericks on to a machine at work. And I have not been able to do so, the download always freezing at 995MB.

BT acknowledge that their equipment is crippled in this way – they claim it is a security feature and even said to me that “two years ago downloads weren’t this big”. As a result they may (as in my case) simply refuse to replace the equipment and instead try to get you to reset the hardware on a per download basis.

But you can get round this – download “Hotspot Shield” (it is free) – a VPN product – and use it to get you over the 995MB hump.

2. C++ templates are powerful

English: Example red-black tree; analogy to a ...
English: Example red-black tree; analogy to a B-tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four years ago I wrote some C++ code to generate a red-black tree using templates. The code has been mouldering on Github ever since, but now I have (hopefully) found a completely new use for it – because the template design allows me to repurpose it for something else. Code reuse in action!

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