DWP still refusing to take responsibility

I have written quite a bit on Universal Credit and its potential failure and I could use today’s NAO report to rehearse the whole sorry story again.

But I won’t. Because there is again something worse than the failure of an IT project here. After all, most software projects fail, and so Universal Credit is nothing special on that score.

The deplorable thing is the absolute refusal of the Department of Work and Pensions to admit things have gone wrong.

Every time they have been challenged the DWP say “things are fine now, so the critical report is out of date”. But, of course, each subsequent report reveals things were far from fine when the previous denial was issued.

That just cannot be allowed to continue.


2 responses to “DWP still refusing to take responsibility”

  1. Might this be another instance of Schrodinger’s cat – the system is simultaneously both working and broken until someone”opens the box” and examines the code?

    1. To be honest, other ministers in the government, who broadly recognise this project is high-risk and going badly wrong, should step in, but the politics gets in the way. The Secretary of State in this department is a key factional figure in the Conservative Party and would certainly resign if the project was taken off him and so far no one wants to see that and the political row it will bring. But I am sure it will happen sooner rather than later.

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