Weight loss: all gone wrong?

weight 22 augustSo, I go on holiday, hire a bike and cycle a lot for the fortnight I am away: regularly burning (according to online assessments) over one thousand calories a day.

And then I come back and find (see the graph) that my weight has risen by five pounds. Too much drinking, fatty foods and so on? I don’t think so, though plainly something is up.

(In the graph the green line is the 90 day moving average, the blue the 30 day and the red the 14 day – I smoothed the weight gain over the two weeks I was away across that period – as I didn’t have access to scales then).

Weight gain and loss continues to be a mystery to me – I am “training” as hard as ever but weight has gone up even though I don’t think I have changed my diet.

I am going to go for heavier weights (necessarily with lower repetitions) now to see if that makes any difference (this is generally combined with a fair amount of cardio too).

My aim is to get to 168 pounds by the end of the year – still overweight incidentally – but that looks quite remote now.

Two things I can be certain about though, given the difficulties I have had with running since coming back from holiday are: cycling is a poor way to train to run – very different muscles used (and not just in the legs – I never realised ho important my arms were in running for instance) and I really ought to invest in a runner’s watch.


8 responses to “Weight loss: all gone wrong?”

  1. With all that exercise your muscle mass could have gone up while fat mass went down. So you could weigh more but be healthier. Unless you track this how would you know though? There are consumer devices that allegedly measure this, but the only good ones I’ve seen are the medical ones.

    1. Thanks. I do measure my waist, so can work out, approximately, the fat content of my body and certainly I doubt I put on five pounds of additional muscle. I wish…

  2. If you were cycling lots wouldn’t you have built up your thigh muscles and therefore increased weight?

  3. Ok. Also don’t be a slave to the scales. How do your clothes feel?

    1. Well, I’ve lost three stone in the last 18 months so not all of them fit. But I am still a fair bit overweight.

  4. No that’s not what I meant. Compared to before holidays.
    Advice about non fitting clothes, give them away or get them altered to fit. Close fittng clothes will tell you when you’ve put on weight

    1. I know it isn’t. I was merely being mischievous. I am not worried about the weight going up, more puzzled as to why there seems to be so little connection between how hard I exercise and how weight goes – at least that’s the way it has been since Christmas. Different patterns of exercise seem to get it to drop a bit but the effects soon wear out – and in this case increasing the rate of exercise seemed to have a negative impact.

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