Looks like the prof was right (as always!)

Two weeks ago I posted a graph essentially showing how difficult I was now finding it to lose weight, even though I was still overweight (by about 9kg) and in the gym five times a week.

In response Professor Paul Rubin suggested I should refocus my weight training to lift heavier weights – I was sceptical but gave it a go and initial results seem pretty positive…

Weight - moving averages

The red line is the moving 14 day average, the blue line the moving 30 day average and the green line the moving 90 day average of my weight. The first posting was on 27 June and you can see that in the following days all three lines start to tilt downwards.

Of course this is not scientific and that date also more or less corresponded with me starting to run semi-competitive 5kms on a quite challenging course, but it seems good enough to keep plugging away at the heavy weights.


One response to “Looks like the prof was right (as always!)”

  1. It’s good to read of your progress. Sadly, five to six workouts per week are doing nothing to curb the accretion along my waistline. I may need to follow my own advice (a very non-academic thing to do) and increase my weight work.

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