End of an era

Dreamcast BBA
Dreamcast BBA

I am selling my Broadband Adapter (NIC) for the Sega Dreamcast.

Been tidying up at home and it was time to admit my days as a Dreamcast hacker were over – my last posting to LKML, a filesystem driver for the File Allocation Table (FAT) filesystem found on the DC’s  “Visual Memory Unit” flash device (called VMUFAT), didn’t even elicit a response.

The BBA is a rare item and cost me about £100 plus import duties back in 2001 and they still seem to sell for high prices, but I started my auction at 99p – if there is another hacker out there who is still beavering away at their DC maybe they’ll be able to pick it up cheaply (of course I want as much as I can get!).

The big advantage of the BBA is that it allows you to do things like mount NFS volumes on your Dreamcast and so is much more flexible for a developer.

I am a bit sad about it but it’s the sensible thing to do.

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