The GIF row

Illustration of different types of the Graphic...
Illustration of different types of the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you may have seen the inventor of the GIF– graphics interchange format – Steve Wilhite, has said that it should be pronounced “jif” and not “gif” (with a hard-g).

More to the point – unless you are using the animated format – you should not be using a GIF at all. Either (for photographs) use a JPEG or (for line drawings or ant graphic with 256 or less distinct colours) use a PNG.

JPEGs and PNGs, when used properly, give better quality renditions from smaller files and are essentially universally supported in browsers these days.

(If you want to know more then I recommend PNG: The Definitive Guide – nominally it is out of print but you can pick up a second-hand copy on Amazon for pennies. You can also look for Image::Pngslimmer on CPAN if you are a Perl hacker – I wrote that!)

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