Yes, go to Birkbeck

Shield from the arms of Birkbeck College (103x...
Shield from the arms of Birkbeck College (103x132px, 4,538 bytes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that, around this time of year, a lot of people in London are considering whether to press on with their application to go to Birkbeck college, so here I am hoping to pick up the passing Google traffic and urging you to go if:

  • You are prepared to do the work;
  • You want to realise your potential;
  • You want to change your life.

Going to Birkbeck will not create a new you – but it could allow the real you to escape for wherever it has been hidden these last few years.

And it is never too late to change.

So, go for it!

Author: Adrian McMenamin

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