The “elevator pitch”: not so uplifting?

Peter J. Denning is something of a computing hero to me. He formulated the concept of the working set, around which I based my MSc project and he has been personally very kind to me in reading and commenting on that report.

Elevator Pitch for Katie
Elevator Pitch for Katie (Photo credit: Marco Wessel)

So, the article has written (for the ACM), with Nicholas Dew, in which they debunk the idea of the “elevator pitch” as a key business tool is doubly interesting, as, in my “real” job, elevator pitches are regarded as essential tools of the trade:

To make this work, you need to re-interpret the pitch. It is not a transmission of information but an offer to havea conversation. It is often much easier to ask someone to join you in a conversation than it is to present a polished, sticky, commercial-grade presentation. A conversational pitch will get you closer to your idea being adopted.

Well worth reading the whole thing – it’s not long, though not quite of elevator pitch length either!

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