Parallella: it’s going to happen

Parallella at ORConf 2012
Parallella at ORConf 2012 (Photo credit: Embecosm)

It looks like the Parallella, the Network-on-Chip device funded through Kickstarter (which I backed) is going to happen, if only a little late:

Great news, the Parallella is now a real computer!! The gigabit ethernet port is working and the full Ubuntu desktop version is up and running! The full story is posted at

Our goal is to ship the first 100 Parallella boards to early access backers by the second week of June.

Since we are getting close to shipping the first boards, here are a couple of reminders.

  • Don’t worry about sending us your shipping addresses. We will send out an email to confirm shipping addresses before shipping.  Just make sure you put in your “good guy” contact list to avoid the email getting lost in your spam filter. 

  • If you you want to order more Parallella boards you need to make a reservation by providing your email address at Wed have 11K reservations so far! We will soon allow pre-purchasing of Parallella boards and those who reserved a board will get first dibs. (NOTE! Pre-purhcased boards will only ship after we have fulfilled all of our commitments to you (our KS backers).