This took me all day, so you had better like it

Network topologiesSeriously, though, are you confused by the fact I have done the computing nodes in two different colours? Should they all be the one colour (the router nodes in the tree example should be a different colour anyway)?



  1. No confusion here about the colors, although I would vote for a different shape (square, triangle, octagon, …) For the routers to emphasize that they are a different species. I am confused by the “tree”. In graph theory, I’m fairly certain trees are required to be acyclic.

    • Thanks. Technically it’s a “fat tree” and I should probably label it as such. You are right that it’s not acyclic, but the literature refers to it as a tree, so if I’m wrong I’m in good company! (This is the SPIN design, so it has actually been built).
      Good point about the shapes.

      • Hadn’t heard the term “fat tree” before, possibly because here it would be deemed politically incorrect. (We would refer to a “plus size tree”.)

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