The universe is already dead

One possible way the Higgs boson might be prod...
One possible way the Higgs boson might be produced at the Large Hadron Collider. Similar images at: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Scientific American reports that the mass of the Higgs Boson indicates that our Universe is merely meta-stable and that, via quantum tunnelling it is possible that our universe could transition to a different, lower energy state: in other words the universe (as we know it) would end.

The half-life of our current meta-stable state is reckoned to be many, many billions of years and so, we are assured, the changes of this actually happening to us in any given time are essentially zero.

But surely, if we accept the “many worldsinterpretation of quantum mechanics, this means that our current universe has already decayed (and is, indeed, decaying all the time). We just hope and believe (based on the evidence) that we happen to live in a typical one of those many worlds and so the chances of us seeing our universe decay are¬†negligible. But what if that were wrong?

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