Centenary of Paul Erdős

Paul Erdős was born 100 years ago today.

picture of paul erdös at student seminar in Bu...
picture of paul erdös at student seminar in Budapest (fall 1992) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the most prolific mathematician of all time I am rather disappointed he hasn’t been deemed worth a “Google doodle“.

Erdős was victimised in the McCarthy era in the US and certainly seems to have had a warm relationship with the Hungarian Communist authorities (though there is nothing to suggest he was a spy), though eventually boycotted the country over its treatment of Israeli citizens.

To see some of his work have a look at the Erdős-Straus conjecture.

Author: Adrian McMenamin

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  1. Many thanks for pointing that out. The Man who Loved Only Numbers was a thrilling read . It did not include anything about Mccartthy as far as I remember though.

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