Astrophotography advice please

Already looking forward to this year’s summer holiday – in a relatively Moon-free fortnight – and a chance to get the telescope out.

Last year I shocked myself with this:

Jupiter, 9 August 2012

– produced by just pointing the second-hand DSLR at the eyepiece. This year I want to go better but don’t want to spend a fortune either (ie., I am not buying a thousand quid camera).

I have read webcams are the way to go – can anyone offer some advice on how this all should work?


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  1. Capturing a image from a web cam is quite easy. Essentially, you shoot a vid of whatever solar system object you have selected. You then, align and stack the images to create a single image.

  2. What sort of webcam is best and how do you attach it to the scope etc? Most of the cams I have seen are pretty unsophisticated, so presumably I don’t want one of them 🙂

  3. I myself use a Neximage 5 made by Celestron. Which I think would be your best bet. It comes with it’s own capturing software. It also comes with Registax 6 which is a stacking and processing software. The Neximage 5 has a nose piece that you would insert into the focuser like a lens would. Obviously a PC is needed. When you center the object on the monitor.You would adjust the focus,gain,and exposure time.The files are saved as avi.files. Beware,some of the files are HUGE!!!!. The images are high resolution and will eat a lot of space on your PC.

  4. I have taken some really good photos of the moon simply putting a binoculars in front of my lens!! Takes a little bit of balance & a steady hand, but it worked! Must find one to show 🙂

    1. I would like to see them. I always enjoy seeing others work 🙂

      1. I’m in Ireland at the moment, if I haven’t got back to you by the end of the week remind me!

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