Situation normal, all fscked up

Why, oh why, oh why? … Hopefully someone will now tell me the rant that follows is unnecessary.

But, here goes: an update of my Raspberry Pi failed about a week ago. As I then went to Paris with the family for a few days I only got round to trying to fix it this weekend.

I managed to get the thing booting again by copying some files from the distributed boot partition into the boot partition on my RasPi, but on booting the networking failed (possibly kernel modules needed were not available as a consequence of the failed update, not sure). Anyway, one of biggest weaknesses of the RasPi is the whole flakiness of the system when it comes to power and a small error there is likely to cause corruption on the SD card – and this happened to me.

But, why on why oh why does fsck.ext4 insist on a manual check? After an hour (with a figure of Robbie Burns on the enter key) I have only got a little way through this and had to give up.

I am a grown up. If I want to risk fsck corrupting my partition that should be up to me – I should have an automatic option.

Update: fsck -y is what I needed.

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