New coding project – metaedit – started

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I have started writing a MetaPost editor – metaeditpostmeta – which is on Github.

I am not sure how much time and effort I will be able to devote to it, but hopefully I will produce something somebody (even if it is just me) can use.

Yesterday I discovered someone had written a DSL with Haskell to generate MetaPost output – and so maybe I could do something similar using Groovy, but to commit myself to that would be a step too far for now.

Still, it is good to be writing some code again.


4 responses to “New coding project – metaedit – started”

  1. Hi,
    just a friendly note that you probably need to rethink your choice of name, to avoid a clash with an existing registered trade mark, MetaEdit+. Since your metaedit also has a connection with a domain-specific language and diagrams, it would be a bit confusing.
    PS nice work on BINSIC – I cut my teeth on ZX80 BASIC 🙂

    1. Thanks – I thought it was quite an obvious name 🙂 I’ll change it in next 48 hours or so – when I think of a different name…

      1. Thanks – it’s hard when all the good names are already taken! Hope you find one you like, and good luck with the project.

  2. Now changed to “postmeta”

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