Another one bites the dust – but files on LVM are saved

Chucked another computer tonight. This one had been ill for about a year and stopped working about two months ago (the Raspberry Pi now does all that it used to do, except run a SCSI tape backup).

English: Linux Logical Volume Management (LVM)...
English: Linux Logical Volume Management (LVM) v1 Diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I had to rescue an LVM set to get the files – so here’s how I did that:

Mounted the two disks (one was IDE, one SATA) in my IDE docking station –I am using this model and it works well.

At first all I could see was the /boot partition, so I plainly needed to do more:

sudo aptitude install lvm2 – get the LVM software.

sudo pvs – see what LVM groups I have.

I could see that Volume Group (VG) called Ubuntu (it will be whatever name you gave it when created – in my case about six and a half years ago).

lvdisplay /dev/Ubuntu – gives me details of the volumes inside the group – in my case just the one (ignoring swap), identified by LV Name root.

vgchange /dev/Ubuntu/root -a y – this makes the volume mountable (assuming it is marked as unavailable before then.)

mount /dev/Ubuntu/root /your/mount/point – from this point you should be able to access the files on the volume.

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