Raspberry Pi stability issues

CDC raspberry
CDC raspberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I am loading my Raspberry Pi with a fair few tasks – squid proxy, bridged wireless connection, samba server – I am having some stability issues.

Essentially I am having to reboot it every day or so, as it seems to drop off the network.

I run it headless, so I cannot tell exactly what is up, but all the lights remain on, so my inclination is to think that – with a USB wireless dongle and a 1TB drive hanging off it, it has become very sensitive to spikes and troughs in my domestic supply (it’s also running off an extension cord as opposed to a socket directly on the ring main).

I have seen some people say this is not too uncommon and a UPS of some sort is the answer.



2 responses to “Raspberry Pi stability issues”

  1. Hi, your problem is most probably the power supply. I had the same problems and fixed them by using a stronger one (~1A, but I only have an Edimax WiFi Dongle connected). Now the Raspberry is very stable even under constant load. I benchmarked it over christmas and could always login via SSH without any problems

    1. To be honest I am coming round to the view that it’s a dodgy wireless driver and not power at all.

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