Wishing you a happy and superstition free 2013

I lived for many years in a house numbered 13 and as that was in Northern Ireland any claim that it was not unlucky is of limited power, but it was no more or less unlucky than any of the other houses on the street.

Now that we are on the edge of 2013 (in this timezone anyway – I know some of the readers here may have already “crossed over”), I am surprised we have not heard more about the number 13 and the ill luck it is supposed to bring us all. But then, after a surprising number of grown adults were left looking foolish over the supposed Mayan prediction of the end of the world in 2012, maybe there is limited interest in this, even amongst the factories of idiocy that form parts of the daily press.

So, fear not the 13 – chances are you have already lived through a whole year of thirteendom when you were growing up, and you survived that.

Happy new year.

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