Uses for a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi (Photo credit: CesarCardoso)

I think I have found a permanent use for my Raspberry Pi – replacing what was once my utility (squid proxy, web, email, ntp, smb, dns) server.

This was a commodity desktop box, first built in 2005, running Ubuntu desktop server (I built it before the server version was available). Earlier this year it suffered some sort of hardware failure and became very ill and I finally switched off about a month ago. By then all the other users in the house had stopped using the proxy, which was the main benefit, as it was so unreliable.

So far I have only implemented the proxy (though ntp comes ‘for free’ via the raspbian distribution) and it seems fine. I have a 1TB USB disk attached to it so have plenty of space to get the other stuff done too.




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