A bug in LyX illustrated (update: it’s a feature)

Update: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature (of LaTeX, not LyX) – see the comments.

So here’s me seeking to use my fantastic art skills once more to illustrate the bare bones of an SMP (symmetrical multiple processor) machine in a slide.

But this is what it ends up looking like…

SMP slideThe text just won’t align with the graphic (both are in minipages inside a minipage).

But if I add just one character (not a space!) above the graphic – it works. Arrgh.

SMP with graphics aligned


3 responses to “A bug in LyX illustrated (update: it’s a feature)”

  1. It’s not a bug in LyX; it’s a somewhat unintuitive way that LaTeX positions things. If you right click the “handle” of each minipage, you get a menu of settings. Try setting the content vertical alignment of the left box (graphic) to bottom, while leaving the right box (text) at top (the default). That will align the top of the graphic with the baseline of the first line of text on the right. You may want add some custom vertical spacing (either pushing the graphic up or the text down) to get the top of the graphic even with the top of the text. (Again, that’s a finicky LaTeX thing, not a LyX thing.)

    1. You are, of course, quite right. I must owe you several barrels of beer by now! Though one further annoyance has now come to light: when I adjust the box properties, LyX insists on resetting the box width to 100%.

      1. Well, that would definitely fall into the LyX bug category. I don’t recall it happening to me, but then again I use boxes somewhat infrequently. If you have a moment, you might check their bug tracker to see if it’s a known issue and, if not, file a bug report. My guess is that it may be specific to the binary distribution you’re using (unless you compiled from source?).

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