How do I do this?

I am preparing a computer science slide presentation and (as I am sane) do not want to use Powerpoint.

So I have been using LyX and the Beamer class.

The slides look great. But how do I add notes?

If I add notes “by hand” e.g. \note{Here is a note} – I see nothing in the PDFs.

And if I use the LyX “Noteitem” I get something like this “Note: Here is a note” on screen, but again nothing in the PDFs.

What am I doing wrong? I have looked at the LyX wiki and it is not illuminating.


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  1. Are you trying to create notes for the audience (in a handout) or notes for yourself?

    If it’s notes for yourself, Beamer will let you create notes that project ona second screen (requires that you have a dual screen setup on the computer from which you’re presenting, with one screen projected and one visible only to you). If that’s not what you want, I seem to recall a way to generate a “paper” or “handout” version with printed notes.

    So first we need to establish which of the above is what you want.

    1. It was speaking notes/hints for me (ie the split screen idea)

      1. In the environment drop-down list, you can use the NoteItem environment (if you are accumulating notes at the end of the frame — otherwise you get phantom blank lines in the slide itself).

        You can also do inline notes by typing |\note{|your note text|}| where the vertical bars (not literally typed) are the start and end of a TeX inset (ctrl-L). Done this way, you have a bit more control over how the notes are listed (per the Beamer user guide).

        The decision whether (and where) to show notes is handled by adding \setbeameroption{…} in the document preamble. For instance, \setbeameroption{show notes} will print a page of notes after each frame that has notes.

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