With zero thanks to @AmazonKindle

The back of the Amazon Kindle 2
The back of the Amazon Kindle 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to the SCONUL inter-library agreement between British universities I was able to join Imperial College‘s university library today and went on to borrow a copy of Information and Coding Theory: the book I bought about six weeks ago for the Kindle and subsequently discovered to be all-but-unreadble on that device.

Immediately I can see just how much easier to understand the printed edition is and the simple lesson is rammed home: no matter how nice the new Kindles look on the Amazon website, do not buy one in the hope of using it to read mathematical texts – they are not up to it.

(I have repeatedly questioned @AmazonKindle if they intend to do anything about the fact they are selling “books” to people that they must know are of such poor quality they are of no use, but have had no reply.)

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