The maths of the spirograph

I wrote this on Saturday >> I have been reading some more of Wheels, Life and Other Mathematical Amusements: in fact I just read the rest of the first chapter on

Spirograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wheels. And so now I know about the maths of the spirograph.


<< Since then I have been fitfully working out how to draw some of the shapes needed to illustrate this article. But spending more time reading and writing stuff for my PhD literature review presentation, which really ought to be a greater priority.


But I cannot let this hang around for ever, so I am going to have a serious attempt at drawing the spirograph pictures (with MetaPost) this evening and


hopefully post about it!


A search on – Spirograph – suggests that the original toy may be all but extinct … so maybe nobody under-35 has a clue what this is about.


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