@AmazonKindle have broken their Cloud Reader too

Having checked out the alternatives to the Kindle that are provided by Amazon the current state of play is:

  • Linux: no native alternative offered
  • Windows: Kindle app crashes on 64 bit wine, so cannot tell you what that’s like
  • Mac OSX: seems to render pages perfectly as broken as the Kindle
  • Android: app is as broken as the Kindle itself
  • Cloud Reader: supposedly what Linux users should be using, but this too is broken, failing to render characters properly in the same way as the Kindle.


  1. It seems unpleasantly rude that if you want to read Kindle books on a Linux system, it must be a Kindle reader (it is built on Linux). Or perhaps you can strip the DRM and read them on a 3rd party reader program (that recently became illegal here in Canada, in deference to our American overlords).

    The monopolistic landscape of ebooks is horrible. With one exception, I haven’t bought DRMed ebooks. Readers should boycott DRMed ebooks because it cedes way too much control to a very few middlemen. Note: I didn’t say “authors”.

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