@AmazonKindle have broken their Cloud Reader too

Having checked out the alternatives to the Kindle that are provided by Amazon the current state of play is:

  • Linux: no native alternative offered
  • Windows: Kindle app crashes on 64 bit wine, so cannot tell you what that’s like
  • Mac OSX: seems to render pages perfectly as broken as the Kindle
  • Android: app is as broken as the Kindle itself
  • Cloud Reader: supposedly what Linux users should be using, but this too is broken, failing to render characters properly in the same way as the Kindle.

2 responses to “@AmazonKindle have broken their Cloud Reader too”

  1. It seems unpleasantly rude that if you want to read Kindle books on a Linux system, it must be a Kindle reader (it is built on Linux). Or perhaps you can strip the DRM and read them on a 3rd party reader program (that recently became illegal here in Canada, in deference to our American overlords).

    The monopolistic landscape of ebooks is horrible. With one exception, I haven’t bought DRMed ebooks. Readers should boycott DRMed ebooks because it cedes way too much control to a very few middlemen. Note: I didn’t say “authors”.

    1. Yes. To both. Though as my work entails a lot of international travel an ebook reader has its uses, so I am in a bit of bind.

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