More thoughts on the Kindle

Amazon Kindle

I made pretty extensive use of my Kindle this last fortnight – and the ability to order a book and have it delivered more or less instantaneously was great when it came to getting hold of Information and Coding Theory.

But a few gripes remain. It’s plain that publishers do not put the same effort into editing their books for the Kindle as they do for print (some small but still annoying errors that would never be allowed in print for a maths book are all to obvious in that one, for instance).

And why can’t we have colour in Europe? That points to the bigger problem: that the Kindle concentrates too much power, close to all power, in the hands of the distributer.


4 responses to “More thoughts on the Kindle”

  1. Yes indeed! Why not colour as an option at least?

    The Kindle is less tiring to read a novel on than a tablet or PC, but with the Kindle app downloadable on all of these, why have both?

    1. Well, I don’t have a tablet – I see from your blog you have an iPad – people have told me it’s not as good as a Kindle for book reading.

      1. I have both
        As I said, the black on grey is less visually stressful to read, and great for novels, but in poor light or in books or magazines with colour, the iPad/Tablet wins hands down.
        I rarely use my kindle now I have an iPad, but if I was commuting to work by train I think id use the kindle more

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