New comment spam fashion

Comment spam appears to have entered a new phase – recently my spam filter is filling up with comments that link to other pages of links. I assume this is some sort of pay-per-click effort, as I am guessing that Google would automatically bomb any page that was just a series of ads and similar links.

Of course, the key thing about understanding spam is how low the marginal costs are for the spammers – especially if they write scripts that just plaster this all over people’s blogs. Even if just 1 in 100 bloggers does not have a filter installed and only 1 in 1000 visitors clicks on a link on any day, that probably still works as a money making venture if they can get the volume up to a high enough number.


One response to “New comment spam fashion”

  1. yep, just like phishing. people are amazed hackers still bother with it. but marginals so low if one in 100,000 click it is worth their while

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