Joke price for a great book

Regular readers will have noticed that I often post links to books on Amazon here. I get a (small) amount of money per sale – but it’s nothing much (in the last month, for instance, nothing at all). So flogging books is not what this site is for.

But this – Red Plenty at 95p – is just too good an opportunity not to promote. Granted I will get 4p towards an Amazon gift voucher if you buy it off my link, but my recommendation is based on what a great book it is, not because of any financial interest.

I do not know why it is so cheap, probably because the pricing algorithm (the sort of thing discussed in the book, ironically enough) has gone a bit haywire, but grab it while you can!


2 responses to “Joke price for a great book”

  1. On your recommendation, I borrowed Red Plenty from our library. I did not care for it and returned it after reading 112 pages.

    I like the topic. We tend to view the USSR as a silly quaint experiment that we can ignore or make fun of. That is so wrong.

    I found that the book had too much telling and too little showing. I thought the author drew the characters as types or pawns, not as people. I felt that it was heavy-handed in general.

    Thanks anyway for the recommendation.

    1. Sorry you didn’t like it. I thought it was good at many levels – not least in explaining why, after Stalin’s butchery, people could still have hope and how that how turned to bitter disillusion (essentially because what Stalin did meant there could be no other outcome).

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