Cycling in York

Wonder if anyone can help solve this problem?

English: York University Campus. Taken from a ...
English: York University Campus. Taken from a balloon on an early September evening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am now a student at the University of York, but I am also resident in London.

Having spent a fair few months in the gym and seeing that York seems to be a fairly cycling-friendly city (and the University also looks that way), having a bike when I am there looks like a good idea.

But while I am happy to buy a bike to do that, I don’t have a permanent base in York and so I don’t have an obvious place to store a bike.

Any ideas how I could solve this conundrum? Preferably picking the bike up from somewhere near the railway station.


6 responses to “Cycling in York”

  1. How is your balance? Unless the train is crowded, you could probably carry a unicycle on board.

    1. lol. Actually, I could the a bike up I suppose, but that’s a pain.

      1. Have roller blades caught on in the UK? I’ve been thinking of trying them out myself, now that I’m retired and have more time to spend getting from A to B.

  2. Paul, I get the impression you are not taking this entirely seriously πŸ™‚

    1. Actually, I was serious about the roller blades. Top speed is less than a bicycle, but greater than a pedestrian, and they’re entirely portable … plus, in the event of an untimely downpour (not that such things ever happen in England), you can easily switch to mass transit.

      1. Fair enough πŸ™‚ But I don’t fancy it with a laptop or textbooks πŸ™‚

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