Cycling in York

Wonder if anyone can help solve this problem?

English: York University Campus. Taken from a ...
English: York University Campus. Taken from a balloon on an early September evening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am now a student at the University of York, but I am also resident in London.

Having spent a fair few months in the gym and seeing that York seems to be a fairly cycling-friendly city (and the University also looks that way), having a bike when I am there looks like a good idea.

But while I am happy to buy a bike to do that, I don’t have a permanent base in York and so I don’t have an obvious place to store a bike.

Any ideas how I could solve this conundrum? Preferably picking the bike up from somewhere near the railway station.


6 thoughts on “Cycling in York

  1. How is your balance? Unless the train is crowded, you could probably carry a unicycle on board.

      1. Have roller blades caught on in the UK? I’ve been thinking of trying them out myself, now that I’m retired and have more time to spend getting from A to B.

    1. Actually, I was serious about the roller blades. Top speed is less than a bicycle, but greater than a pedestrian, and they’re entirely portable … plus, in the event of an untimely downpour (not that such things ever happen in England), you can easily switch to mass transit.

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