Just like 1980

The Sinclair ZX80 (1980). It was the immediate...
The Sinclair ZX80 (1980). It was the immediate predecessor of the ZX81 and shared many of the same design features. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There have been (conservatively) 16 “Moore generations” since 1980 – that is to say computing speed should have increased by 2^{16} – approximately 4 million times.

But computation requirements grow to fill the computing power available and BINSIC now runs at about the same speed, when executing the same code, as my ZX80 did when hacking its way through BASIC programs 32 years ago.

It’s a strange sight to see, because it is so evocative of that period.

The code runs slowly largely, I think, because of the way that I have chosen to handle GOTO statements (not that I could think of any other way) – essentially the whole or at least a substantial part, of the program is reparsed every time a GOTO is issued.

Anyway, it adds to the sense of realism!

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