Another software death march begins…


I have a new software project now … BINSIC … Binsic Is Not Sinclair Instruction Code.


Sinclair (Photo credit: mofetos)

Instead Binsic is my attempt to reimplement Sinclair’s ZX80/ZX81 BASIC (with a few pieces that were deeply frustrating through their absence all those years ago) as domain specific language using Groovy.

I have spent a fair bit of yesterday and today on this and have not got very far as yet … not even enough to pin up a few dozen lines of code on GitHub.

I have been spending my time trying to get the PRINT command to work. And, well, it doesn’t. I can print some things, but generally only by imposing constraints on the language that were not there in BASIC and so are self-defeating.

And I haven’t even begun to think seriously about how I can tackle the line number problem.

In the meantime, if you know about Groovy and DSLs, you could help me enormously by having a look at this question I have posted on StackOverflow.

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