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Big-little endian
Big-little endian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have now reached the point with my hex editor – Hexxed – that I can aggressively look for software testers with confidence, as I feel I have a piece of software that does all the key things I want:

  • insert (as zeros) and delete multiples of 8, 16, 32 or 64 bits at a time
  • load and save arbitrary files
  • do and undo edits

For those looking for hex editors (as opposed to just another binary editor) it will handle 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit hex representations in both little endian and big endian format (and you can switch between them), as well as display addresses in a block:offset format (block size may be set arbitrarily). While for those looking for a binary editor it has a Vi-like interface and displays charcters in both UTF8 and 16 bit unicode.

It doesn’t do everything, though, and it may still have bugs so testers are needed to identify what features it needs but has not got and what might go wrong with it.

I am hopeful that I may have a chance that could turn out to be reasonably widely used in future.

To test: you don’t need my permission, it’s free software, freely available – covered by the GNU general public licence (version 3). Though of course that means that no warranties, to the maximum level allowable in law, are offered either.

You can pull it from git here:

Or ask me for a jar file.Get the jar file – executable via standard Java setup – via here.

Please help and test if you can

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