How should I handle the :q command?

If you are a Vi user then you will know that :q closes the editor (assuming there is no unsaved edit).

hex (Photo credit: elmer.o)

Should my hex editor, Hexxed, which I am aim to give a Vi-like interface to, do the same? Currently it does not – :q instead unloads the current file from the editor but does not close the editor itself. This feels like a more natural way of doing things with a GUI application than simply closing everything but, on the other hand, it is not what Vi users would expect either.


2 responses to “How should I handle the :q command?”

  1. How about :q to close file and exit, and something else to close the file but not the program? One of my favorite editors uses Ctrl-w to close the document (after nagging about unsaved changes) and Ctrl-x for Ctrl-w + get me out of here.

    1. I guess I have to reflect what VI users will expect, as you suggest

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