How many languages can you recognise?

Java (programming language)
Java (programming language) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This site has an extensive online quiz on computer languages.

I managed just 11/75 (actually it was 12/75 but I pressed the wrong key when typing ‘Java’): a miserable 14.67%.

I missed some of the languages I use regularly yet got some I have never used, or maybe not used for close to 30 years (though I did, relatively recently, translate the Reingold-Tilford algorithm for drawing Red-Black trees from the original Pascal into C++, so maybe that helped.)

Love to know how you score.


One response to “How many languages can you recognise?”

  1. Not much better: 15/75. I booted a few (Mathematica, Pascal, Assembly, FORTH come to mind) where I’ve had at least some exposure to the language, but not in this millenium. Other than Mathematica (kicking myself there), I don’t recall enough of those languages to recognize them.

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