In search of a good book on Java Swing

My effort at creating a good hex editor has (temporarily) run aground, as the UI code proved to be just too complex and I was making that bit up as I went along.

So, now I need the perennial tool of the computer engineer when faced with difficulty – a good book. Anyone care to recommend one on Java Swing. Nothing with the word “beginner” in it, please: I just want to know how to do it, not to have object orientation explained to me!


3 responses to “In search of a good book on Java Swing”

  1. I started with the Swing tutorial, which I found to be quite useful.

  2. Thanks. I’ll take a look. The O’Reilly book looks like one I should get maybe – any thoughts on that?

  3. Haven’t seen it – but I’ve had very positive reactions to other O’Reilly books.

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