“One of the finest engineers of the open source movement”

Me & Eric Raymond .. Open Source Evangelist.
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If one were ever to dare to apply this to Richard Stallman, one could expect to be cast into the outer darkness. Whatever else he is, Stallman is nothing to do with “the open source movement” – which he rejects as a capitulation to corporate interests that seek to destroy free software.

Stallman is, though, entitled to regard himself and be regarded as “one of the finest engineers” of free software. I doubt he is very active as a developer these days, but as the creator of GCC and GNU EMACS he more or less made everything else possible.

But the title of this post does not refer to Stallman at all, but rather ridiculously to Eric S. Raymond.

Raymond has written some software – he wrote most of Fetchmail and as a user I want to thank him for it. But does that make him one of the finest engineers of open source or anything else? Not really.

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