A question for a C guru

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The debugging continues, but unfortunately I have not yet been able to identify what is fundamentally broken with my file system code.

But along the way I have spotted and fixed various bugs. Here is one, I am not even sure why it compiled in the first place, so maybe a C guru could tell me…


if le16_to_cpu(((u16 *) bh->b_data)[j * VMU_DIR_RECORD_LEN16 + VMUFAT_FIRSTBLOCK_OFFSET16] == ino)


if (le16_to_cpu(((u16 *) bh->b_data)[j * VMU_DIR_RECORD_LEN16 + VMUFAT_FIRSTBLOCK_OFFSET16]) == ino)


2 responses to “A question for a C guru”

  1. Maybe le16_to_cpu is a macro which has braces around its contents (this is standard practice).

    1. Tobi, You are quite right in that it is a macro. Well spotted. Though it’s a macro that references another macro – which I assume is bracketed as you say, though haven’t been able to confirm that.

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