Surrendered to the Kindle

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I wrote a piece a while back about why I wasn’t looking to buy a Kindle. Well, now I have got one.

To be fair to myself I did not buy it – it was a present. I quite like it – especially when faced with a long haul jet journey (as later today). But I also realise more than ever just how much power it gives Amazon over my books – that aspect of it is not nice at all.

But right now I am interested in any recommendations for jet flight reading:

  • Mildly intellectually taxing thrillers
  • Great literature that is also a page turner
  • Essential works on computing maths that I may not have read

Any ideas?


One response to “Surrendered to the Kindle”

  1. They’re not of recent vintage, but I think you would find most of Alistair MacLean’s novels fit your first category.

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