This blog is now a year old

Pressure of work has meant I haven’t had the time to update the blog and nor do I know the outcome of the MSc either.

But, in the meantime, this blog has passed it’s first anniversary (actually, it was yesterday). So here are the top ten stories (plus the home page):

No proof of P=NP after all (yet?) More stats 15,391
Do computer science graduates get jobs in the end? More stats 4,808
Google wants your voice More stats 4,565
Home page More stats 3,866
What if P = NP? More stats 2,777
Upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 and getting rid of “Unity” More stats 1,405
“Ultimate L” explained More stats 1,139
Computer science: the worst degree? More stats 832
Wired to wireless bridge in Ubuntu Linux More stats 431
Nasty computer scientists More stats 327
The end of the world is nigh: 2 June 2011 More stats 307

And the top 10 search terms:

ultimate l 703
ubuntu 11.10 get rid of unity 207
cartesian product 89
end of the world june 2011 82
get rid of unity 11.10 72
“ultimate l” 67
latex cartesian product 59
relational algebra symbols 57
get rid of unity ubuntu 11.10 54
end of the world july 2011 45
woodin ultimate l 45

And the top 10 referrers: 10,928 1,206
StumbleUpon 1,077
Search Engines 936 879
Twitter 561
Facebook 340 329
Google 256
Reddit 147 Follow 131