“bye bye ubuntu you suck now” – so how can I switch to Mint?

Linux Mint 10 Julia
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The first half of this blog’s title was a search string that took someone here. I tend to agree.

So is there a way to seamlessly switch to Mint? I don’t have a separate /home partition so the route that most people seem to recommend is blocked to me.

I think there used to be scripts but I cannot find any up to date ones, so can anyone help?


5 responses to ““bye bye ubuntu you suck now” – so how can I switch to Mint?”

  1. When I switched a few years ago, I first created a home partition. Assuming you have the disk space, google ”ubuntu create home partition” and you’ll find instructions. I’m considerably less technically savvy than you are, and I found it painless.

  2. I would just copy it onto some temporary medium then just move it into your new home directory. I would recommend then making a home partition when you install for ease of installing fresh version. But yes, Mint seems to be becoming the new Ubuntu (#1 on Distrowatch now).

  3. OK, I guess copying the /home partition is the way to go. I was hoping someone might tell me that I could do this via aptitude and some tweaking, but seems not. Thanks for the pointers, though.

    1. Actually, I just installed Mint 12 and it looks as if it will upgrade from Ubuntu to Mint. That might be a solution.

      1. So, how does the upgrade work?

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