2012: the year of the death of the desktop?

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The BBC has an interesting article about the decline of sales of PCs (by which I think they mean “IBM compatibles” as opposed to personal computers in general), including the decline of enthusiast computer building.

Two reasons are given – the slow down in production of games for PCs – that seems to be a major factor in the enthusiast end of the market – and, more importantly, the rise of the tablet.

Now, I understand why people like tablet devices and I think they are good. But they are also hideously underpowered – I find this a constant frustration in business when working with people who are relying on tablet devices, as they (the devices) cannot handle various file formats or tasks.


2 responses to “2012: the year of the death of the desktop?”

  1. “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” (Mark Twain)

    I have an Android tablet. In fact, I’m on it now. I love the portability. It’s good for many online tasks; but constructing a slide show on it, even if I had the right software, would redefine the phrase ”cold day in He’ll”

    1. I completely agree. Incidentally, what Android tablet are you using? My employers have indicated they are willing to fund me buying a tablet and I’d like to consider something other than an iPad – I have an Android smart phone but its far too small and fiddly to be an alternative, though can be handy on the road.

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